Navigating the Future of Insurance


Theresa Blissing is a seasoned insurance professional with a strong background in operational roles with insurers, innovation consulting and academic research and the author of the #1 best-selling book The Future of Insurance, Volume IV. Asia Rising. She started her insurance career in 2004 when she joined Italian insurer Generali in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2015, fascinated by the potential of new technologies and their impact on the insurance industry, she decided to delve into a new challenge and pursue a master's program with a research component, focusing her study on the adoption of big data in the Southeast Asian insurance industry. During that time, Theresa also transitioned her career to management consulting. She worked with a range of consulting firms and started her own consulting and research practice, Accelerating Insurance. In 2019, Theresa co-founded the Asia InsurTech Podcast to bring Asia’s insurance success stories to a global audience. Currently based in New York, Theresa continues to push the boundaries of insurance innovation and has launched a new global podcast – InsurTech Amplified.

Navigating the Future of Insurance: Insights from Asia to the World

A decade deep in the Asia Pacific insurance landscape, I’ve come to value every twist and turn, every challenge and innovation. From the inception of the Asia InsurTech Podcast with Michael Waizte to penning “The Future of Insurance – Asia Rising”, my journey has been a tapestry of continuous learning and sharing.

Events like ITC have always been invaluable intersections of knowledge and networking. Even my interactions with the Singapore edition underscored the importance of such platforms: they’re places where groundbreaking ideas sprout, and industry challenges find the spotlight.

The beauty of our industry lies in its diversity. Engaging with varied minds, especially those who view the same industry through a different lens, paves the way for richer, more evolved solutions. It’s these myriad conversations and collaborations that truly push the boundaries.

Speaking of diverse landscapes, the young and digitally adept demographics in regions like India or Indonesia have often served as indicators of broader trends. This youthful majority, representing about half of the country’s populace, holds lessons not just for Asia but for global insurance narratives. I believe it can even help mature markets to understand how to better serve and engage with the younger generation.

Asia’s innovation, like the rise of embedded insurance, has often left me intrigued. Integrating insurance offerings into daily digital interactions, whether it’s shopping on Lazada or booking a ride on Grab, presents a fresh, user-centric approach.

While exploring these nuances in “The Future of Insurance – Asia Rising”, I realized the significance of sharing and cross-pollinating ideas. This is why platforms where thought leaders gather hold immense value. They’re not just about presentations and panels but about conversations that can shape the future.

ITC Vegas promises some illuminating discussions on topics like distribution partnerships in insurance. Rob Schimek of bolttech, someone I deeply respect for his global industry expertise and whom I had the privilege of interviewing for my book, is among the many offering valuable insights. Similarly, another session that’s caught my attention revolves around leveraging technology to nurture customer relationships, with insights from industry experts like Niki Kouri-Maglaras from Prudential Financial.

Yet, it’s crucial to also step outside our comfort zones. While our inherent tendencies might gravitate towards the familiar, confining ourselves can curtail innovation. Cognitive biases such as confirmation bias and the status quo bias can act as barriers to forward-thinking.

Thus, I advocate for diving into subjects that may not align directly with your current role or organization. After all, it’s these unexpected intersections with unfamiliar topics and individuals that often ignite the sparks of groundbreaking ideas.

In a rapidly evolving industry landscape, staying ahead means continuously learning, adapting, and sharing. As we all embark on our individual quests for knowledge and innovation, let’s cherish the platforms that bring us together and foster collaborative growth. After all, the future is crafted today, in the conversations we have and the ideas we share.

I’m excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals at ITC Vegas. If you haven’t secured your spot yet, take advantage of the promo code AMP200OFF to receive $200 off your ticket price. You can get your tickets here.

Additionally, we will be recording video shorts for InsurTech Amplified. If you have insights to share and want to participate, please reach out. This is a prime opportunity for collaborative discussions and insights into the future of insurance. Let’s shape the narrative together and pave the way for revolutionary ideas in our industry. See you there!

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