EP 22 – Ema Roloff – Roloff Consulting – The Best Salespeople Are Teachers


Michael Waitze worked in Global Finance for more than 20 years, employed by firms like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, primarily in Tokyo.  Michael lived and worked in Tokyo from February 1990 until December 2011.  Michael always maintained a particular focus on how technology could be used to make businesses more efficient and to drive P/L growth. Michael is a leader in the digital media space, building one of the biggest and fastest-growing podcast listener bases in the region.  His AsiaTechPodcast.com show has listeners in more than 130 countries and his company, Michael Waitze Media produces some of Asia’s most popular podcasts.

Ema Roloff

Ema has over a decade of corporate training and enterprise software sales experience. With a proven track record of driving sales results and influencing the digital transformation and insurance industry, Ema focuses on empowering business leaders with the tips and strategies needed to drive successful change. Ema's contributions to the field have been recognized through accolades such as the RISE 35 under 35 Award, inclusion in Lightico's Insurance Innovators Top 100, and being honored as an Industry Influencer by InsurTech Hartford.

In a captivating episode of InsurTech Amplified, the pod was joined by ⁠Ema Roloff⁠, co-founder of ⁠Roloff Consulting⁠, to explore the intersections of education, digital transformation in sales, and storytelling in insurance. Ema shares her journey from teaching to revolutionizing insurance sales through educational approaches, emphasizing the importance of simplifying complex concepts to connect with clients meaningfully.

Ema’s transition from a teaching background to corporate training and eventually into sales and insurance consulting highlights a fundamental truth: the best salespeople are essentially teachers. This insight is crucial in understanding how insurance and technology products should be presented to potential clients. Instead of aggressive selling tactics, Ema emphasizes the importance of educating clients about the value and utility of a product or service. This approach not only facilitates better client relationships but also aligns with the modern buyer’s preference for understanding the value proposition before making a purchase decision.

Throughout her career, Ema has demonstrated the importance of embracing change and seizing new opportunities, even when they lead out of one’s comfort zone. Her narrative is a testament to the value of adaptability in the rapidly evolving insurance and technology landscapes. Ema’s approach to modernizing sales processes and leveraging technology to enhance insurance services showcases the potential for innovation.

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