EP 18 – Scott Ham – CEO Pinpoint Predictive – Providing the Relevant Experiences that Consumers Deserve


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Scott Ham

Scott Ham is the CEO of Pinpoint Predictive and was previously the President & CEO of Transamerica’s life, P&C and non-life business, where he provided strategic vision and leadership to global organization. At Transamerica he oversaw day-to-day operations and management of over 6,000 employees, $1.6 billion in new sales and over $6 billion in overall premium. Scott more recently was extensively involved with insurtech startups as a strategic advisor at McKinsey & Co, where he also led a Small Commercial Insurance SaaS platform that made possible real-time underwriting and pricing decisions through cutting-edge machine learning analytics and 3rd party data. Scott is joining Pinpoint to lead the company through a period of unprecedented growth.

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The InsurTech Amplified Podcast spoke with ⁠Scott Ham⁠, CEO of Pinpoint Predictive⁠, who shared key insights into the evolving landscape of insurance and insurance technology. With an extensive background in law and insurance, Scott stressed the importance of profitability for the stability and reliability of insurance firms, especially in today’s financially challenging environment. He also discussed the ethical application of emerging technologies like AI, emphasizing the need for responsible deployment to avoid biases and ensure these tools are as accountable as their human counterparts.

Scott’s viewpoints extended to redefining risk assessment and selection by moving beyond traditional metrics and focusing on behavior-based risk profiles, advocating for a more personalized and inclusive approach to insurance. He highlighted the ongoing shift in leveraging data for smarter insurance, using an array of diverse data points to better understand and predict customer behavior.

Scott emphasized the future of customer experience in insurance, advocating for a balance between technology and human interaction to create more relevant and delightful customer experiences. Scott emphasized the importance of innovation, balanced with ethical responsibility and customer-centric approaches in the continuously insurance industry.

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