EP 13 – Jeff Shi – InsurTech Groups – How Do We Enhance the Experience?


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Jeff Shi

I have been an entreprenuer 20+ years, and the last 13 year I have spent in the insurance industry, building agencies and direct to consumer companies.

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InsurTech Amplified had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Shi, the Founder of InsurTech Groups. As expected for someone with Jeff’s years of experience building businesses in the Insurance Industry, he shared some very interesting insights and raised some questions as well.

Jeff highlighted the unique nature of the insurance industry, which operates on a blend of capitalist and socialist principles. On one hand, insurance is a capitalist model that relies on premiums and investment returns. On the other hand, it serves a social purpose by pooling resources and sharing risks among policyholders. Finding the right balance between these two aspects is crucial for the industry’s success.

Jeff emphasized the importance of the human connection in the insurance industry. While technology plays a significant role, the industry still relies on talented individuals who can understand customer needs, build relationships, and provide personalized service. He believes that the next phase of insurance will focus on enhancing the customer experience and leveraging technology to support human agents, rather than replacing them.

Jeff discussed the potential for Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to make significant contributions to the insurance industry. These countries have the financial resources and ambition to build their own insurance brands and attract talent from around the world. Their investments in technology, infrastructure, and human capital could disrupt the industry and reshape its landscape.

Finally, Shi noted that Africa presents a unique opportunity for the insurance industry due to its young population and growing middle class. The median age in Africa is just 19, and there is a significant need for insurance products and services. InsurTech companies that can leverage mobile technology and reach this untapped market have the potential to transform the industry and make a substantial impact.

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