WINT helps constructors, property owners, enterprises and manufacturers manage water in their facilities to prevent water leak damage, and to reduce water water and its associated carbon emissions.
WINT detects and stop leaks and waste at the source using AI-based anomaly detection technology. It alerts when water leaks and can automatically shut it off. Intelligent real-time monitoring identifies sources of leaks and waste and eliminates water waste and its associated carbon emissions. WINT’s solutions help organizations cut water consumption and costs by 20%-25% to improve their sustainability stance while protecting them from water leak damage.
WINT serves the world’s largest organizations including Microsoft and HP, construction companies including Toll Brothers, The Related Group, Multiplex, and large manufacturers such as PepsiCo. We partner with the world’s leading insurers such as AXA XL and recently partnered with HSB/Munich Re to deliver the world’s only warranty program designed to mitigate the financial impact of rising deductibles on general contractors and developers.

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