Pinpoint Predictive offers P&C insurers the earliest, most accurate loss predictions and risk scores to fast-track profitable growth. With only a name and address, insurers are able to predict actuarial loss and other key risk outcomes at the top of the funnel. Leveraging trillions of behaviorial predictions associated with over 250 million US adults combined with AI deep learning deployed via the OnPoint platform solution, Pinpoint predictions go beyond traditional methods of assessing risk (credit scores, zip codes, or location), to provide deeper insights into the propensities for litigation, SIU referral, early cancellation, and certain types of premium leakage, as well as unmatched insurance-specific CLTV segmentation to overcome the challenge of identifying
and segmenting high quality, profitable leads and customers before the customer journey begins.

By focusing on the risk of the person who is insured, rather than the property or the business, Pinpoint clients receive back immediately deployable risk segmentation in real time that is in compliance with applicable regulations and standards in the insurance industry. Pinpoint predictions complement client rating models; regularly revealing 3 to 10 points in loss ratio reduction without the need to change rates or underwriting rules.

Pinpoint is transforming the way P&C insurers measure and mitigate risk, enabling carriers to excel under any market condition. Insurance leaders such as C-Suite executives, actuaries, underwriters, operations and marketing professionals use Pinpoint to help their companies optimize operations for profitable growth and effective resource allocation. They achieve key results in compliance with the most stringent information security standards, privacy and insurance regulations, and AI risk management best practices.

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