NeuralMetrics provides classification and risk-intelligence data to facilitate accurate, contextual commercial lines underwriting for property/casualty insurance organizations. The company’s easy-to-deploy, AI-powered data platform extracts actionable, industry-compliant risk-assessment insights — instantaneously and transparently — from dynamic, public sources of information. To drive straight-through processing, the real-time NeuralMetrics data platform enables comprehensive industry classification, incisive underwriting, and precise policy pricing. Up-to-the-minute data from NeuralMetrics also supports lessors’ risk assessment, book roll analytics, exposure monitoring, premium audit, and renewal management, as well as market analysis for lead qualification and acquisition to expand books of business.

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EP 24 – Chris Schrenk – Chief Underwriting Officer at NeuralMetrics – It Gave Everybody a Renewed Vision of What Technology Could Do

InsurTech Amplified spoke with ⁠Chris Schrenk⁠, the Chief Underwriting Officer at ⁠NeuralMetrics⁠, to garner his insights into the transformative impact of AI-Powered Data on the insurance industry. Chris discussed the role of advanced technologies...