Kayna provides the technology & data orchestration layer between Carriers and Brokers and any Vertical SaaS platform to distribute insurance products that are directly relevant to platform customers.
Platforms leverage data to unlock new revenue streams and add value for customers.
Customers get accurate, data-led, right-sized insurance with automated quote, renewal, claims process.
Carriers/Brokers gain new Insurance distribution channels.

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EP 27 – Paul Prendergast – co-Founder and CEO at Kayna Innovation – Building the Infrastructure to Enable Distribution Through Vertical SaaS

In this episode of InsurTech Amplified, ⁠Paul Prendergast⁠, co-founder and CEO of ⁠Kayna Innovation⁠ explores the transformative journey of InsurTech. Paul shares his own evolution from a tech enthusiast to an InsurTech pioneer, highlighting his...