AuthorChristian Westermann

Group Head of AI

Christian is a technology enthusiast who has worked in different technology roles and positions over the past 20 years.

After having spent several years in software engineering in the early 2000s, he started in 2005 his career in consulting. In this role he has supported many companies on their journey towards technology and AI-driven innovation, in financial services, healthcare, pharma, health, defense and industrial manufacturing.

In 2022, Christian joined Zurich Insurance Ltd. as Group Head of Artificial Intelligence. In this role he has found a great place to further push the technology boundaries in the core processes of insurance, along the entire value chain, with the use of AI and latest technology trends in Generative AI, for the benefits of Zurich’s customers.

Christian’s background is in space science. He has a PhD in Physics and has supported ESA and NASA on several space missions.

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EP 34 – From Rocket Science to AI: Data, Decisions, and Crafting the Future of Insurance – Dr. Christian B. Westermann – Global Head of AI at Zurich Insurance

“And when then basically ChatGPT was announced, we all have access also our senior management has access and everybody could explore AI for the first time. It was like a shock for all of us, but a shock in a very, very positive sense. So we knew immediately that is the technology that we need. […]