AuthorIvan O'Neill

Co-founder & CEO

Ivan is the Co-founder and CEO of Wuuii where he also leads the Product and Ops teams to create software solutions that make it simple for property owners to mitigate their climate perils, starting with wildfire.

Prior to co-founding Wuuii, Ivan had several successful careers in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and deployed service offerings for Southern California Edison, iControl Networks, and Comcast. He previously served as a director on the boards of multiple international IoT technology standards organizations.

Ivan is also an NFPA Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, a board member of Safer West County, a 501c3 organization that builds wildfire risk reduction capacity in western Sonoma County, and has assessed the wildfire risk of over 60 structures since September 2021.

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EP 04 – Ivan O’Neill – Wuuii – The Admitted, Regulated Market in California is Disintegrating

InsurTech Amplified spoke with Ivan O’Neill, the co-founder and CEO of Wuuii to discuss the many challenges that communities face when trying to adapt to climate change, particularly those prone to wildfires. The conversation delves into the numerous societal, economic, and political complexities that impact the path to building more resilient communities in wildfire-prone areas. […]