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Global Head of InsurTech
Gallagher Re

Dr. Andrew Johnston is global head of InsurTech for Gallagher Re, based in Nashville. He heads a practice of about 30 people from various backgrounds charged with vetting hundreds of technology candidates on behalf of Gallagher Re clients, traditional insurers, or incumbents. Andrew and his team then support (re)insurance company clients select appropriate technological solutions for their businesses, in addition to providing insurance technology related consulting and advisory services. He also represents a growing number of InsurTech clients who themselves originate risk (for whom he and his team provide reinsurance broking services). Andrew is also the author and editor of the Gallagher Re Global InsurTech Report (formerly WTW Quarterly InsurTech briefing).

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EP 33 – Global InsurTech Report for Q1 2024 – Andrew Johnston – Global Head of InsurTech at Gallagher Re

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with ⁠Andrew Johnston⁠, the Global Head of InsurTech at ⁠Gallagher Re⁠, delving into his ‘⁠Global InsurTech Report for Q1 2024⁠’. Our discussion yielded valuable insights into the evolving landscape of InsurTech, shedding light on key trends and opportunities.  Here are five notable insights gleaned from our conversation: 1. […]

EP 29 – Andrew Johnston – Global Head of InsurTech at Gallagher Re – From Alpacas to Algorithms: The InsurTech Evolution and the Future of Insurance

“So much has changed that I think first and foremost, there has been just a reality check on both sides of the equation in as much as I think insurers and reinsurers are far better equipped now to understand the value of technology, particularly as it relates to their own businesses…because they haven’t seen disruption […]