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David Gritz is an InsurTech community leader, public speaker, and InsurTech advisor. He has been featured in recognized Insurance media including Carrier Management, Digital Insurance, IIR, AM Best TV, and the Re/Image Podcast. David is the co-founder of InsurTech NY, the largest InsurTech community in the NY metro area. David also serves as a strategic advisor to high-growth InsurTechs to help them go from concept to scale. Previously David has served as the Director of Innovation for the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA) and has led product at Zero, a behavioral safety focused InsurTech acquired by EverestRe. He holds a J.D. from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and business and industrial engineering degrees from Lehigh University.

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June 2024, Amplified – What Can Be Learned from the Supreme Court’s Decisions on Chevron, Homelessness and Presidential Immunity

In this episode of This Month, Amplified, Michael Waitze and ⁠David Gritz⁠, co-Founder and Managing Director of ⁠InsurTech NY⁠, explored significant Supreme Court decisions and their broader implications. They discussed the overturning of the Chevron doctrine, which shifts interpretative power from administrative agencies back to the courts. This change purports to bring more stability to […]

May 2024, Amplified – China’s New Chip Investment Fund, New Legislation for Air Travel and Parametric Insurance

In This Month, Amplified, May 2024, ⁠David Gritz⁠, co-Founder and Managing Director of ⁠InsurTech NY⁠, discussed several critical topics including the U.S. Chips Act, China’s technological advancements, and the state of public companies in the U.S. Gritz highlighted the significant yet potentially insufficient impact of China’s $47 billion U.S. fund on the global semiconductor industry. […]

March 2024, Amplified – Trump, The Titanic and the State Farm Downgrade

In today’s fast-paced world, the intersection of insurance, technology, and current events often leads to intriguing and complex discussions. This Month, Amplified had just one of those discussions with ⁠David Gritz⁠ about the events of last month…including InsurTechNY’s recent ⁠Spring Conference⁠. We also spent a decent amount of time talking about Trump’s surety bond…and its […]

February 2024, Amplified – Lunar Landings, AT&T Outage and Carrington Events, Mr. Cooper and Cyber Attacks, and Root

In another thought-provoking episode of “This Month, Amplified,” ⁠David Gritz⁠, co-founder and Managing Director of ⁠InsurTechNY⁠, shared his personal connection to the awe of space and the societal benefits of looking beyond our immediate surroundings for inspiration. He reflects on the technological feats required for space exploration, emphasizing the importance of precision in life support, […]