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The Future of Insurance

Bryan Falchuk is the Founder and Managing Partner of Insurance Evolution Partners, which advises carriers and their partners on how to navigate an evolving industry facing disruption and change. He is also the President & CEO of Insurance industry trade group, PLRB, that is dedicated to helping adjusters to make expert decisions on Property and Liability claims. Bryan spent 20+ years in the insurance industry, including serving as Head of Claims for Hiscox USA and leading Growth for insurtech communications solution, Hi Marley. Bryan has also held leadership roles in corporate strategy, operations and distribution at carriers like Liberty Mutual and Beazley. He was a consultant in McKinsey & Company’s insurance practice and is on the advisory boards of several startups focused on the insurance industry.

Bryan is a best-selling author and public speaker, including several TEDx Talks. His best-selling book series, The Future of Insurance, shares case studies of legacy and startup carriers overcoming the barriers to change we all face in the industry and working together to innovate to help Insurance move forward and evolve.

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